The availability of information for healthcare systems management which is trustworthy, comprehensive, dependable and timely is a source of concern both for both public and private decision makers in the sector. In this regard, INECON has assisted authorities and investors in bringing to fruition diverse healthcare projects, both in the public- and private sectors. Robust support and tools provided by INECON have been used by our clients at different process or project stages, such as policy making, planning, capital investment decision making, project administration and operation.

Our experience includes:

  • Studies into capital investment projects in new clinics or other healthcare centers, or in facility expansions.
  • Market research for healthcare provision clinic attendances.
  • Planning for public investment.
  • Due diligence proceedings and financial evaluation for health-care provider organizations.
  • Studies into logistics and operation of healthcare provider facilities and appurtenances, e.g. warehouses, process units, images, sports medicine units.
  • Analyses of service provision management and resource allocation.